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Higher education is the fastest track to thrift. ISACHAMP scholarships release the potential of young talented champions who pay it forward.

Young Africans cannot access higher education
barrier to higher education is money
lifetime value of one donation

Harambee Donations

Your donation will help unlock the potential of the brilliant yet, unprivileged youth, and spur them into an empowering career.

You will literally change someone’s life for the better. You can track how your donation has a direct impact that leaves a legacy.

Legacy scholarships

ISACHAMP scholarships are designed with “pay it forward” principles.

Once employed, the scholarship recipients support the upcoming students, creating a perpetual and exponential ripple effect.

Trust & transparency

As a donor, you will have full access to all financials related to your donation.

We are creating a community of the next generation of professionals and leaders of Africa.

Ubuntu Community

ISACHAMP is more than a scholarship.

That is, where your donation went, what was the direct impact and legacy created.

Impact Stories

Education in Africa is currently difficult to obtain for many talents. We aim to help them unleash their potential by giving them the opportunity to study.

After finishing, they can become the leaders of their society and empower the next generation of talent.

The students funded will tackle Global Grand Challenges.

With higher education, better paying jobs and a higher standard of living our Champs can affect the lives of their communities and next generations of talent to carry Africa onward.

With our ripple effect funding model every student funded will fund the next generation.

We take the payment and invest it in new students to achieve a self sustaining and continuously scaling support model.

Our goal is to fund over 3 million talents all around Africa by 2030.

Every champion commits to impact 500 Africans, collectively impacting 1.5 billion individuals, representing the entire African population.

Thus, they accelerate the rise of the Africa.

Joshua from Nigeria

The story of a Champion: Joshua from Nigeria

Joshua was top of his class, back home in Nigeria.

He applied and was selected for the Oprah Winfrey Scholarship to study Computer Science at Morehouse College in Atlanta, GA.

He was short of 1500USD when he applied for the ISACHAMP scholarship — now, he is a dedicated Morehouse student, with an internship at Facebook lined up for him for Summer 2020.

Ubuntu Community

Join the pan-African education mission as a student or a donor and become part of the worldwide ISACHAMP community for life.

What you will get:

Career development
Networking opportunities
Funding opportunities
Alumni development

“I am because we are”


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