- What is your mission?
We are on a mission of increasing access to quality education by providing financing opportunities.

- What is your vision?
Our vision is to decrease global inequality and accelerate the rise of the world by fulfilling our mission.

- Why are you focusing on Dreamers?
Dreamers are unfortunately ineligible for federal aid and, mostly, do not qualify for traditional private student loans. Out of the Dreamers that graduate high school every year, only 5 to 10% enroll higher education due to financial reasons. We want to change that.

- Where do you get money from?
We raise money from investors and donors who believe in our cause and who want Dreamers to access quality education. If you relate, please contact us. We are fundraising.

- Why your name is ISA CHAMP?
ISA stands for Income Share Agreement as that is the technical term for our accessible income-based loans. CHAMP is short for CHAMPION. When an investor X invests in you, it reads “X IS A CHAMP”!

The Eligibility Criteria

- Who is eligible for a loan with ISA CHAMP?
  • Upcoming or current enrollment in postsecondary education (College, University, Vocational training, Bootcamp…).
  • Aged 18 or older at the time of contract signing.
  • No co-signer & no credit score required

- I am an international, US citizen, or TPS holder, am I eligible?
Yes. Although we are primarily focused on Dreamers (and TPS holders by extension), it happens that our Dreamers community is inclusive. Limited amounts might apply.

- Can I apply before I have a confirmed offer from University?
Yes, but we will verify your student status before sending you the money.

- How do you assess individuals?
Based on future potential. To determine that, we look at different factors that inform our predictive models.

The Repayment Plan

- How does the repayment work?
You pay a percentage of your salary for a pre-agreed number of monthly repayments (within 3 to 10 years). The percentage and number of repayments are determined depending on your individual situation.

- When do I start my repayments?
You start repaying only once your income is above the threshold of $40,000 per year.

- When do my repayments end?
Your repayments end either after fulfilling the pre-agreed number of monthly repayments or reaching the cap on repayments of 2.5 times the initial amount borrowed.

- What happens if I don't earn enough or can’t find a job?
In that case, the repayment is the least of our worries as you only pay when your income is above the threshold. After all, we genuinely care about you and will do our best to guide you unleash your full potential. Together, as a community, we will try to provide you with interim solutions.

- What happens if I move out of the country or get deported?
Your residential status doesn’t define you. We will support you anywhere you move as you are always part of our community. We will also share your success accordingly. The terms of the contract will adjust to the new standards of living.

The Loan Structure

- How much can I borrow?
It’s case by case. We would cover the entire tuition (regardless of price) and additional money for living costs. The amount borrowed will affect the percentage of salary repaid and the number of monthly repayments.

- Is there an interest rate?
We invest in you. There is no interest rate or any compounding involved. That said, we still get a percentage of your future income as a return on our investment.

- Is there any (origination) fee to receive the loan?